Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Unfaithful Wife

The Unfaithful Wife By Bissme S

I have been married for the past seven years. And in all those years I have not been faithful to my husband. I had slept with countless dashing man that had shown any slight interest in me and the worst thing is, I feel no guilt. If anything, I am proud of my affairs. I regard them as an achievement, as an accomplishment - some kind of trophies that I won.
Being born beautiful, I was never lacking with admirers. When you are beautiful, it doesn't take much to seduce men into your bed. Men are so easily seduced and I am simply baffled on why they are known as the stronger sex.
"Jhanvi, your beauty is so breath taking - it is like watching a peacock spreading it beautiful feathers."
That was what one of my many admirers said. He was a poet and naturally, he was more creative in his words in describing my beauty compared to my other admirers. Of course his aim is no different from my other admirers - his hands touching every part of my beautiful naked body.
Interestingly, I have no fear of my husband catching me with my skirt down. I am confident that my husband will not throw me out; he will never divorce me. He can't live without me. He needs me more that I need him.
Initially I went to single bars, waiting for men to pick me up. Then internet enters the picture, and things became easy. I found one of those websites where people are looking for purely sex and no strings attached. I learned that most men are like dogs - they will never refuse a bitch in a heat. The men I choose are rather rugged looking, manly, sexy and most of all can be trusted to keep a secret.
I bought a luxury condominium and I turned it into a love nest... where I will take my lovers for passionate and lustful lovemaking sessions. Most of my lovers loved the way I decorate the apartment - with mirrors almost every corner of the house including my bathrooms.
"I am vain and I loved to look at myself." I justified my decoration taste, wittily.
Besides the mirrors help to spice up the sex acts and that keep the men happy. Of course I have my own manipulative reasons for the countless mirrors around my condominium. Behind every mirror there is a camera that records all my lovemaking sessions. Of course my lovers are ignorant of this fact.
Oddly enough, I have never seen any of these visuals. Pornography has never been my cup of tea. It baffles me that men find pornography so fascinating. With my husband, it is a totally different story. My husband is always eager to see what the camera has captured.
In fact my husband is the one who coaxed me to be unfaithful.... to satisfy his lust. He gets a big turn on when he sees strangers making love to me. The only time he will touch me is after a stranger has made love to me. He wants to smell other men's lust on me. I loved my husband too much to disappoint him... to break his heart.... to turn down his request. For my husband's sake, I became the unfaithful wife

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