Tuesday, March 17, 2015

51 Quotes from Bitter

I am highlighting 51 quotes from my new  book Bitter. 

1)It is not every day you get a chance to paint a man who hanged himself. 

2)Every great story must have a touch of cruelty and madness. A story without a touch of cruelty and madness is a  story not worth telling.... 

3) No one is going to forgive me because I chose happiness over sadness.

4) Nobody told me that funerals can be so boring. Remind me never to attend another funeral again

5) “You are obsessed with him,” I said. 
My mother answered: “I do not have obsession for him. I have an obsession for love. He taught me what love is.”

6) My psychiatrist said: “You tried to kill yourself. Do not worry. We will rescue you from your madness.”

7)Only if God would go blind, then we would a perfect god. You cannot judge what you cannot see. You cannot judge what you cannot hear. A perfect God is a god who cannot see. A Perfect God is a God who cannot hear. A perfect God is a God who is blind and deaf.

8) Tragedies have shaped some of the best artists in the world. You should make good use of your tragedy. 

9) Give a man a fish and you will feed him a day but give him religion and he will starve to death while praying for a fish.

10) Save your tears, Madam. This is only the beginning of your  tragedy. You have more tears to shed.

11) I am sure she will not listen to anything I have to say. She is blinded with her obsession with God. In her eyes, God has no  weakness. In her eyes, God can do no wrong. But she should understand nobody should be put on the pedestal of perfection. 
Not even God.

12) You are too beautiful to belong to one man. You should become a prostitute.

13) My father has no doubt that God will give him a happy ending. As for me, I am totally convinced that God is obsessed with sad endings.

14) When a girl is born, everyone teaches her to be a good daughter...To be a good wife...To be a good mother. But what if she doesn’t want to be a good daughter? What if she doesn’t want to be a good wife? What if she doesn’t want to be good mother? 
What if she doesn’t want to be good? Do you think a woman has a  choice not to be good?

15)It is never easy to accept the fact that your mother is a  woman with no morals... a woman who will serve any man who will  pay her.I was miserable. I was a tortured soul.

16) Keep your friend close but keep your enemies closer. That is what I did with Nazir. I charmed my way into his heart. I became his best friend. He doesn’t have a clue that I am plotting his downfall. I am like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

17) When you have no friends, you must have books to keep you company,” he said.
“Your days of not having friends are over. I will always be your friend, forever,” I lied.

18) “Why did you kill her?” I asked.
“Because I want our love story to have a happy ending,” Malena answered.

19) I always tell the truth even when I lie" 

20) As long as men exist, women’s lives will be full of suffering.

21) I have seen many women giving up their dreams in the name of love They end up in an apron and making cookies for their husbands.I am not going to be one of those women.

22) “You are my universe. Why can’t I be your universe?” my mother asked.

23) Slowly, I was beginning to hate the woman I love. What do you do when you hate the woman you love?

24) “God has an ego problem. Why do we need to worship him, always? I cannot believe in a God who wants to be praised all the time.”

25) I have always allowed the woman I love to run my life. I can miss paying my taxes but there is no way I can miss going to church on Sundays. I pretended to be excited about angels, devils, heaven and hell. Inside I was miserable. This was not the life I wanted. I hated God. I hated religion. I hated 
churches. And most of all I hated my wife.

26)When love is not madness, it is not love.

27)You are born to ruin me.

28)Men will never be free till the last priest is strangled to death.

29)“But I do not want to go heaven,” Malena said.
“Why not,” asked the puzzled priest
“Because in heaven, all interesting people are missing,” Malena answered with a loud laughter."

30)“If every night you tell me a good story, I will not touch you. The night that you stop telling me stories is the night I  will stop being a gentleman to you.”

31) The only one who was not happy in this house is me. I am stuck in a life I did not want. But I convinced myself that some dreams are not meant to come true.

32) It is a job of every son to make his father happy.

33) I should not have believed every word that my mother told me. I should have known there are some mothers you cannot trust.

34) Out of kindness, my parents offered our guestroom to the stranger. But my parents soon learned a bitter lesson that  kindness is not always rewarded  with kindness.

35)It is a norm for a child to bury his parents,” my mother said. 
“But when the situation is reversed – when parents have to bury their child – the pain can be unbearable."

36)God is my enemy. If you love God, then you are my enemy, too. And my enemies are not welcome in my house. 

37) Madness is necessary when you cannot handle the truth.

38) "We could have been happy. Why did you choose sadness?”
She whispered those words in my ear before she disappeared. I dreamt of her again. She will haunt me for the rest of my life.

39)Till my dying breath, I will hate you." 

40) She taught me what love is. After her, I cannot bring myself to love anyone else. Love begins and ends with her.

41)But a decent man would not draw his mother nude. 

42) In his suicide note, all he wrote was: “Why has everyone stopped loving me?”

43) For some dreams to come true, it is not enough to shed sweats and tears. You must have blood in your hands.

44) I learned love and hate have the power to make you irrational.

45) Some women are not born to be mothers 

46) Sometimes, dying is easier than forgiving.

47) She should not have trusted me.She should have known that forgiveness is not my strength

48) My daughter answered: “Looks may not matter to you, mother. But the world will never let us to forget that you are beautiful and I am ugly.

49) I am the most unluckiest comedian alive. I can make the whole world laugh but not my wife.

50)It is possible for flowers to grow on stones but it is not possible for you to be loved 

51) He was a well-known cosmetic surgeon. He has made beauties out of monsters.
I said to him: “You can turn ugly to beautiful. Can you turn beautiful to ugly?”

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