Monday, May 13, 2013

Doubt & Other Short Stories Anthologies

This year I have just published my first book Doubt that highlights  a collection of my short stories.  In the past  my short stories had appeared in several short stories anthologies. In today post I will be highlighting the covers of the books where short stories had appeared 

In 2007 my short story titled To Be His Lover was translated in Bahasa Malaysia and was published in this Bahasa Malaysia  anthology published By Stormkitchen . I believe this  is the first time my short stories ever got published in anthology. Some writers whose short stories  had appeared in this anthology are   


In 2007 My short story titled Dad appeared in this short story anthology.   Some writers who had their works published in the same anthology have been Lydia Teh, John Ling,  Jennifer Wan, Tunku Halim, Xeus  and Chua Kok Yee. 


In 2010, edited by Azwan Ismail and Diana Dirani,  my short story titled A Woman of Two Faces was translated in Bahasa Malaysia and appeared in this anthology . Some writers who had their short stories published in this anthologies are Nizam Zakaria, Dina Zaman. Bernice Chauly,  Ridhwan Saidi,  Chuah Guat Eng Ajami Hashim & Fadli al-Akiti


Finaly this  year, in 2013,   I finally had  a book published where it featured 45  of my short stories. To find out more please log to :