Friday, December 19, 2014


I am highlight a story that was featured in my book Doubt published under Merpati Jingga. Doubt is being sold for RM 21.   

Dog  By Bissme S 

"Have you ever eaten dog's food before," she asked him. 
He looked at her strangely and answered: "No. Never." 
"Neither Have I," she added. 
Slowly she got up from her seat and went into the kitchen, In less than ten minutes, she was standing in front of him with a bowl filled with dog food. She ate everything that was inside the bowl and gulped down a glass of wine. 
Then, he asked her :"Have you ever eaten a dog before?" 
She looked at him strangely and answered:"No.never." 
"Neither have I," he added 
He got up from the his seat and left the house. He was gone for hours. When he returned, he had a roasted dog in his hands. 
"I hope you did not kill Rocky," she shouted. 
"Rocky is like a family to us. I will never kill our dog," he said, 
"Then, whose dog is that?" she asked furiously. 
'It is our neighbor's dog," he answered 
She was no longer angry. She smiled. Then, she gave out a huge laughter. She moved closer to him and gave him a passionate kiss.   
"Eat your roasted dog before it becomes cold, darling." she said. 
As he was eating his roasted dog and enjoying his wine , she looked at him and asked him: "Have you ever eaten a human before?" 
He looked at her strangely and said: "No, Never" 
"Neither  have I," she added. 
She got up from her seat and left the house. Holding an axe in her hand, she was heading towards her neighbor house.....