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TWINS - By Bissme S

It was strange to have my twin brother undressing me.... to have his lips kissing my lips ... to have his naked body brushing against mine... to have his hands touching my manhood.
I had reservation touching him back. I wanted us to be brothers forever and not sinful lovers. I wanted us not to cross the boundaries. 
But I had promised him that I would not stop this madness. I would let his dreams come true. I would let his desires be a reality. And I had not broken my promise. That was the first time, we as brothers, made love. But that was not our last time.

Sometimes, I blamed our father for making us from brothers to lovers.  Our father should not have pampered us too much. Our father shouldn't have fulfilled all our dreams and our desires. Staying with our father was like staying with a genie who grants every of your wishes.
Our father made us believe life would be wonderful always, suffering was not written in our fate and misery would never touch us. Our father told us that everyone would bow to us, forever. He was not far from the truth. 
When you born into royalty, you have a bless life. You have wealth beyond your dreams.You always had people respecting you as well as fearing you. My father was the king while we were his precious princes. 
But our father had forgotten that life can be unpredictable and things can change. A king can lose his kingdom. A Prince can become a pauper.
That was what happened to us. A revolution took place in our country. My father was not a great king. People were suffering under his ruling. For years, the people did nothing and endured the suffering, quietly. 
Then came a day when people were tired of suffering… people were tired of keeping quiet.They rebelled against their own king. They burned our castle, captured our father and hanged him. A new government was set up. Royalties were not needed. Royalties were no longer respected.
When the revolution began, my father had my mother and his sons shipped out to America. We begged him to follow us. He was adamant to stay behind to protect his kingdom and to teach his people that King should be respected, not rebelled against.
He believed he could paralyzed the revolution and put the troublemaker behind bars. My father had underestimated the revolution. He had underestimated his people.

Life in America was not easy for us. At first, we had so much money and we were not worried. Then, all the money was slowly spent. Our mother was never good at managing money.She spent money like water coming out from a tap. Our mother had forgotten that she was no longer a Queen of a rich kingdom. Before she married our father, she was a model.
It was her beauty that attracted my father’s attention. Our mother didn’t think twice to dump her fiancĂ©e to marry my father. She always loved a luxury life and who could provide a better life than a King.
When the money runs out, we had not choice but to live in a slums area. My twin brother and I had to find jobs in a super market. It was a shocking experience for us.
We never worked in our lives before. Taking orders from our superiors was a very difficult affair for us. We are so used of giving out orders and not receiving them.
Compare to me, Danny had more difficulty accepting his new poor life and always got into fights with his superiors. But our mother was in far worse condition that Danny. 
She can’t totally accept her new condition at all. Her mind snapped. She refused to speak to any one, not even us. Then one day, out of the blue, my mother ended her life. Completely naked, she walked towards a running train.
“Damien, sometimes I feel like doing what our mother did,” my twin brother Danny told me at our mother's funeral.
“I cannot live a poor man’s life,” he said.
Fear danced in my bones. I had lost my father. I had lost my mother. I can’t afford to lose my brother.


It didn’t take long for Danny to get sacked. The superiors can’t take any more of his arrogant ways. When you are born and brought up as a prince, arrogance comes to you naturally.
Getting fired from your job is never good for your soul. Danny went into a depression. I was fearful that he would take the similar road that my mother has taken. Just like our mother, he refused to speak anyone including me.
The computer had become his new best friend. He would spend hours in front of the internet, chatting with strangers all over the world. Weeks later, to my surprise, he broke his silence.He was no longer depressed. He began to smile. He began to laugh. Happiness danced into his life again. I was so happy, just to see him happy again.
"Do not worry Danny, you do not have to work," I said.
"I will work for both of us," I added.
Danny just laugh at me and said : "Do not worry brother, believe me, life will be easy for us again. We will be rich again. We do not have to work very hard like slaves any more. In few weeks time our lives will change forever. "
Danny didn't elaborate any further and I didn't care to ask. His depression had disappeared and that was enough for me.

But Danny kept to his promise and our lives change forever. It all began with Danny introducing me to Jimmy Smith. Danny and Jimmy meet through the internet.From his appearance, it was easy to guess that Jimmy Smith was not a poor man. The more he talked, the more I realized that I was sitting in front a billionaire.
It puzzled me that a man of his status wants to be my brother's friend. The rich only mingles with the rich and they have no time for  poor people like us. When my brother and I were rich, the poor have no place in our house, in our hearts and in our mind. The poor are born just to serve us.
When Jimmy took my brother and me to his house for dinner, the sight of his house left me speechless. Everything inside the house was grand. His home is like one of those houses you see in a high class interior magazine.
He showered expensive gifts on Danny. He fulfilled Danny's every desires. What Danny wants, he gets. Jimmy tried to do the same with me. But I refused. Unlike Danny, I didn't want to take advantage of Jimmy.
It was not long Danny and me move into Jimmy's house. I protested, initially. I wanted us to stay where we were. But Danny was more forceful. In the end I had to bow down to Danny.
I thought Jimmy was too naive to see that my brother was taking him for a brother was using him to lead a rich life. But in the end, I learned that I was the naive one.

Jimmy had an ulterior motive to share his wealth with us. Jimmy gets a high watching twins like us making love in front of him.Jimmy was willing to go any length to see his dirty desire become a reality. Jimmy was willing spend any amount of money to see us making love.
Danny didn't have any qualms making love with me in front of Jimmy. Danny kept convincing me that this was our road to richness again…this was our road to an easy life.Danny didn't care about what is sinful and what is not. When I refused, he threaten to end his life , just like Mama.
"I cannot live a poor man's life," he said.
I had no choice. I didn't want to lose my brother. Out of desperation, I agreed to his wishes. I was like a puppet in Danny's hand, dancing to his tunes.I felt guilty whenever we made love. Some nights, I had disturbing nightmares where God punished Danny and me to fires of hell. I wake up with fear dancing in my bones and sweat all over my body.
I described my nightmares to Danny. But Danny was unemotional, unaffected and unperturbed. God, hell and religion doesn't bother him any more.
"If God wants us not to do this sin, then he should not have made us so wealthy and out of the blue, take away our wealth," he says.
"God is partly to be blamed. If God puts us in hell, then he should be in hell with us too. I am not worried about hell yet. Hell can wait. What is important is now."

It has been two years since we stayed together. Jimmy never got bored watching us making love. Sometimes Jimmy joined us in our love making session.My brother and I called ourselves as JD (Jimmy's Darlings). And Jimmy loved the title  we had given to ourselves . As Danny predicted, life was wonderful again.
We were not prince anymore but at least we were rich... at least we didn't have worked hard like slaves just to earn our bread and butter. I began to enjoy my luxurious life.I was also glad that the nightmares had stopped. No more God, no more hell and no more punishment. Just happiness and more happiness.
Like my brother, I have learned to kill my conscious. I told myself what happened was for the best. I told myself, some people are not destined to live a poor man's life.

The End

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  1. then?what happen to jimmy?did he die and leave his estate to the JD's? :P imr**n