Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Doubt & Fahmi Mustaffa

Fahmi Mustaffa posted this comment in his Facebook after reading my book Doubt. Thank you for the lovely comment on the book. This is what he says:

Last night i seduced myself (that sounds wrong isn't it?) and get some me-time reading this:

DOUBT by Bissme S

This collection of 45 stories of life, love and loneliness is really a page turner.Bissme Bissme Bissme is a good story teller, and being a good conduit, the stories went naturally, with some jaw-dropped and mindfucked plot twist, leaving me with such a mental excitation, reading one story after another.
I would personally promote this, as this is my first time of minimalistic self indulgence that leave me wanting more and more.
Wait, there's more, entitled DOUBT by the same author himself.
"A woman who hates motherhood ... A man has sex with a dead body to win a bet ... Two brothers have incestuous relationship ... A man recalls the circumstance that led his best friend to take his own life ..."
DOUBT is the must-read fiction! 135 pages of mind-blowing stories, leaving you curious about human and all their beings.

Grab your copy via whatsapp - 0122290944, or contact Mr Writer himself. DOUBT and BITTER are in stores now, published by Merpati Jingga. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Bitter On MPH Online Bestseller List

Today I have a good news to share with you. I am happy to say my book Bitter is feature on MPH Online bestsellers list. Bitter falls number 15. I am lost for words.  Here is the link to the list 

Bitter in the list